Conversion Of A Multimedia Format To Another With Step By Step Process

MOV is an extension of the file where many files of the video and movies can be stored as it is a multimedia format. Compression occurs which is developed by Apple but works well with Windows and Macintosh. There are other popular formats by which the conversion takes place. With videos in the format of […]

Using Wifi Sync & iCloud To Create a Backup on your Apple Device

What’s the worst thing that could happen with your iPhone? Losing It? Or maybe perhaps losing all the files you have stores in there, especially the personal ones. Ops! No need to fret though. In this article we are going to discuss how you can set up the iCloud or Wifi Sync features of your […]

Selecting and Using the Pictures

From the Image viewer, you have access to both macro functions (zoom, crop, and rotate) and menu options. For more information, refer to “Pictures and Videos Image Viewer Options” on page 81. Editing a Photo 1. From the Home screen, touch ➔ Files ➔ DCIM ➔ Photo ➔ <image>. 2. Touch Menu ➔ More to […]

Finding a Contact In Samsung Galaxy Mobile

You can store phone numbers and their corresponding names onto either your SIM card or phone’s built-in memory. They are physically separate but are used as a single entity, called Contacts. Depending on the storage size of the particular SIM card, the maximum number of phone numbers the card can store may differ. 1. From […]

Contacts Management in Samsung Galaxy Mobile

Contacts List This section explains how to use and manage your Contacts List. You can save phone numbers to your phone’s memory. Creating a Contact The default storage location for saving phone numbers to your Contacts List is your phone’s built-in memory. 1. From the Home screen, touch . 2. Touch Create contact. 3. At […]

Using the Samsung Portrait Keypad or QWERTY Keyboard

The keyboard displays in three formats: Portrait QWERTY, Portrait (upright 3×4) is a keypad, and Landscape QWERTY keyboard. Depending on which format you are using, the keys are associated with different letters and/or characters. Refer to the following layouts to determine which keys are associated with letters, characters, or symbols. The Samsung Keyboard This device […]

Swype Text Entry Tips in Samsung Mobile

You can access the SwypeTips application and watch a video or tutorial on using Swype. You can also use the following Swype text entry tips. • Create a squiggle (like an S shape) to create a double letter (such as pp in apple). • Touch and hold a key to view the punctuation menu then […]

Touch or Touch and Hold in Samsung Galaxy

Use a brief touch to select items on the display or to enter text on the virtual QWERTY keyboard. For example: touch an Application icon to open the application. Touch and hold an icon or key to open the available options, or to access a pop-up menu. For example: press and hold From the Home […]

Navigating Through the Home Screen in Samsung Galaxy Mobile

Your phone defaults with seven Home screens. You can customize and place different applications on each of the home screens.  From the main Home screen, sweep the screen left or right with your finger. The main Home Screen is located in the middle with three Home screens on either side. Navigating Through the Application […]

Changing the Wallpaper in Samsung Galaxy

1. From the Home screen, touch and hold an empty area until the Add to Home Screen menu displays. 2. Touch Wallpapers. 3. Touch Gallery, select a folder in which the wallpaper image resides, then touch an image and touch Save. – or – Touch Live wallpapers, touch a wallpaper image, then when the wallpaper […]