Using Wifi Sync & iCloud To Create a Backup on your Apple Device

What’s the worst thing that could happen with your iPhone? Losing It? Or maybe perhaps losing all the files you have stores in there, especially the personal ones. Ops! No need to fret though. In this article we are going to discuss how you can set up the iCloud or Wifi Sync features of your […]

Changing the Wallpaper in Samsung Galaxy

1. From the Home screen, touch and hold an empty area until the Add to Home Screen menu displays. 2. Touch Wallpapers. 3. Touch Gallery, select a folder in which the wallpaper image resides, then touch an image and touch Save. – or – Touch Live wallpapers, touch a wallpaper image, then when the wallpaper […]

Mobility: Smartphones, Blackberries and Cell Phones

Handheld devices run the gamut from web-enabled cell phones, Blackberries to iPhones and Windows tablets to hand held scanners. Depending on how big your pocket is, and how much you want to carry, there is a device for you. Handheld devices are useful when you can’t pull out your laptop or take it with you. […]


Email lists, or listserves, can be a tremendous resource for lawyers. There are many excellent lists covering all areas of the law and other law-related topics. Before actively participating on a list you should keep in mind the following: • Keep the initial message you get confirming your subscription to a list. It will contain […]

E-mail don’ts.

There are some common bad habits that many people fall into when it comes to using e-mail. The following list reviews some of the most common e-mail “don’ts”: • Don’t “cc” people or use group mail unless it is absolutely necessary: “cc”, “bcc”, “reply-to-all” and group addressing make it extraordinarily easy to send messages to […]

E-mail etiquette.

Everyone using e-mail should use proper “netiquette”. What is netiquette? It is simply etiquette in the electronic world of e-mail and the Web. Exercising good netiquette means you should do the following: • Use proper spelling and grammar: E-mail messages that have proper spelling and grammar are more professional and easier to read. Avoid using […]

Avoiding inbox overload.

To avoid inbox overload don’t use your inbox as a catch-all folder for everything you need to work on. Doing this almost guarantees that at some point you will miss something important. Read items once, and answer them immediately if necessary, delete them if possible, or move them to task or matter-specific folders. Consider setting […]

It is amazing how quickly e-mail has become a preferred way of communicating.

It is amazing how quickly e-mail has become a preferred way of communicating. Through e-mail, lawyers and their staff can save time by avoiding telephone tag and voice mail jail, and can save money by avoiding long-distance telephone calls and the transmission of documents by costly methods such as faxes or long-distance couriers. Moreover, use […]

Although many initially struggled with whether it was appropriate to use a voice

Although many initially struggled with whether it was appropriate to use a voice mail system, it is clearly now considered an almost essential tool. To avoid frustrating clients and to make the most of this tool you should do a number of things. If your calls go through a receptionist, the caller should be given […]

Laptop computer

Based on personal preferences and current specifications (meaning good for maybe another six to twelve months), a laptop computer capable of replacing the desktop computer should have the following: • Processor: Intel Pentium core duo or quad core, 2.0 GHz or allow better multitasking (running more than one computing process at the same time). • […]