Phone Display of Samsung Galaxy

Your phone’s display provides information about the phone’s status, and is the interface to the features of your phone. The display indicates your connection status, signal strength, battery status and time. Icons display at the top of the phone when an incoming call or message is received and also alerts you at a specified time […]

E-mail don’ts.

There are some common bad habits that many people fall into when it comes to using e-mail. The following list reviews some of the most common e-mail “don’ts”: • Don’t “cc” people or use group mail unless it is absolutely necessary: “cc”, “bcc”, “reply-to-all” and group addressing make it extraordinarily easy to send messages to […]

Laptop computer

Based on personal preferences and current specifications (meaning good for maybe another six to twelve months), a laptop computer capable of replacing the desktop computer should have the following: • Processor: Intel Pentium core duo or quad core, 2.0 GHz or allow better multitasking (running more than one computing process at the same time). • […]

The Foundation: A Decent Computer System

When it comes to computers, at the most basic level you have the choice between a desktop or laptop model. This choice is easy. If you want portability, pay the extra cost to get a laptop, otherwise get a desktop. On the outside most personal computers (“PCs”), look much the same. But they are not […]


For all lawyers, technology has become an essential tool for the provision of legal services. As the practice of law evolves into the business of law, technology will become even more essential. Are you doing everything you can and should be doing with legal technology? This paper should help you answer that question. First, by […]

App Categories: Which Apps Put Data At Risk?

With a wide variety of apps available in the Apple App Store and Google Play, Appthority set out to examine the top 10 free mobile apps on both platforms across five categories: business, education, entertainment, finance and games. The entertainment category included a variety of apps, including movie and photo apps, while the gaming category […]

Rankings Process and Definitions

The process we use to generate our rankings involves several steps, including the creation of a proprietary database of nearly all companies claiming to offer a Cloud product or service. Each of these companies is then classified into Cloud segments and sub-segments. We recognize that vendors can have multiple offerings that cross different segments and […]

Notes on Methodology

Our Top Ten rankings reflect the likely approach that a typical enterprise may want to use to engage with vendors for information and advice, and to test internal perspectives on technology choices. As such, the key audiences for this document are organizations wishing to adopt part or all elements of a Cloud Computing setup, as […]

Cloud Network Services

The Network Services segment represents the interconnection between all players and provides services on the network to satisfy the enterprise business needs. Choices about network services are largely independent from the choices about Cloud Foundation, Infrastructure, Platform and Applications. It is well worth conducting a competitive tender among several suppliers once network service needs are […]


To recognize these trends, BTC Logic has expanded its Cloud  classification to include two new segments (Cloud Security and Cloud Management), giving seven major segments: 1. Cloud Foundation 2. Cloud Infrastructure 3. Cloud Network Services 4. Cloud Platform 5. Cloud Applications (further divided into two sub-segments) 6. Cloud Security (new) 7. Cloud Management (new) Another […]