Phone Display of Samsung Galaxy

Your phone’s display provides information about the phone’s status, and is the interface to the features of your phone. The display indicates your connection status, signal strength, battery status and time. Icons display at the top of the phone when an incoming call or message is received and also alerts you at a specified time […]

Summary and Analysis

The results show that the majority of the top free mobile apps are associated with substantial security risks and privacy issues. While none of the apps showed any signs of mobile malware, most of them share unencrypted data and exhibit other risky behaviors. Compared to the last report in July 2012, risky behaviors slightly decreased, […]

The ICT Price Basket (IPB)

The price of ICT services has a significant impact on the demand for and spread of ICTs. To monitor the affordability of ICT services in countries, across regions and over time, ITU has developed the ICT Price Basket (IPB), a unique global benchmarking tool that provides insightful  information on the cost and affordability of fixed-telephone, […]

Administrative/ERP/Information Systems (#2)

Administrative/ERP/Information Systems (#2)  also benefits from examining the perspective of those who use these services. Is the time right to disaggregate the monolithic ERP system and use best-of-breed solutions, especially those that may be offered in the “cloud” as Software as a Service (SaaS)? Is it time to change the focus from desktop access for […]


Mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, proliferate in today’s corporate environments. While there are significant opportunities to leverage these devices to increase the effectiveness of mobile workers, there are also significant concerns about the privacy of sensitive corporate data stored on the devices that IT must handle.The following report, sponsored by Check Point, is […]

TuneIn Radio, listen to radio on Android

Radio listening is one of the features of a mobile. For this we have two options: use the integrated FM receiver incorporates our Android or listen online to the advantage of choosing from a wide range of radio stations from around the world. TuneIn Radio is one of the best applications for Android listen to […]