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Phone Display of Samsung Galaxy

Your phone’s display provides information about the phone’s status, and is the interface to the features of your phone. The display indicates your connection status, signal strength, battery status and time. Icons display at the top of the phone when an incoming call or message is received and also alerts you at a specified time when an alarm was set. ... Read More »

If the device is personally-owned employees are free to download any application they wish.

If they unknowingly download malware, that malware can expose the corporate network, infect other resources, and create a point of entry for data breaches or systems or code modification, as high-profile attacks like Operation Aurora and Shady Rat revealed. This too can be a showstopper to mobility for organizations that must comply with regulatory and industry policies requiring them to ... Read More »

Big Data Will Drive Major Mashups and Mergers in Data and Analytics

2012 will be another year of the massive data deluge to which we’ve become accustomed. But more importantly, we’ll also see some key moves in the multibilliondollar opportunity to squeeze high-value insights from this growing flow of Big Data through the use of advanced analytics software (and software and hardware mashups). The “digital universe” will expand by almost 50%. We ... Read More »

Surging over-the-top (OTT) video traffic will spark reaction from wireline operators and then regulators.

In the United States, responding to the success of services such as Netflix, and perhaps anticipating a greater push by companies like Amazon, Google, and Apple into the video streaming market, facilities-based broadband providers are accelerating plans to introduce usagebased billing with an aim to eventually supplant the existing “all you can eat” monthly broadband plans. However, IDC predicts that ... Read More »

Specifications ZTE Grand S

Since long time ago nothing is known of ZTE, now apparently see coming a new high-end model apparently, the new ZTE Grand S with exciting news that we can not lose sight, 5 inches with HD resolution for your screen, an interesting design of 6.9 millimeters thick. It has a Qualcomm APQ8064 Snapdragon S4 Pro with 2GB of RAM and ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy Chat with Androd and physical QWERTY keyboard

A few days ago we talked about the Samsung GT-B5330, a phone that clearly stands out as having a full QWERTY keyboard, so far, not had an official announcement by Samsung, although the information was of good sources. Well, finally, the Korean company has presented via Samsung Tomorrow under the name of Samsung Galaxy Chat, a mobile that according to ... Read More »