How to write a clinical essay

A clinical essay is the academic paper that analyzes the methods and findings of a research study in the health sciences. In general, researchers in a particular study written clinical documents in order to publish the work in an academic journal. Before publication, the tests through a process known as “peer review”, which other experts in the field evaluate the validity and merits of the work. Unlike essay writing, writing a clinical document required to follow specific steps to clearly describe the topic of research techniques and findings.



Think an effective title. The title should be suitable for the job and not exaggerate the results of the study or make misstatements. An appropriate title uses relevant scientific terms and jargons not included. Although titles should be descriptive, they must also be as concise as possible.

Compose a summary. The summary gives you an overview of the clinical essay and describe, in no more than one paragraph, the study objectives, methods and findings. The abstract should provide the reader with information that will help you decide if you want to read the entire document. Therefore, you must be very attractive and be written in accessible language. Furthermore, the content of the abstract should be accurate and informative, but should not provide too many details.

Identifies similar studies have been made to write a statement of history. A clinical essay discussed a previous research on the subject of study and briefly summarizes the methods, findings and relevant theories.

Enter the subject of the investigation. The background section of clinical essay sets the stage to describe the importance of research in question. The introduction can explain how this study differs from similar research, or describe how other projects generate research questions that this study can answer. The introduction should also discuss what theories (if any) influenced research and why they are useful to understand the essay topic.

Describe the research methods. This section provides a complete explanation of how the researchers collected and analyzed data. For each method used, the clinical essay must justify why this approach was the most appropriate for the purposes of the study. The methods section should be detailed enough for another researcher to repeat the study accurately. If the study instruments and assessment tools were used, the document must describe how these tools were developed and provide a brief quantitative description of its validity and reliability. When you submit the essay to an academic journal, be sure to include full details of all the instruments used.

Describe the results. Describe briefly the results of the analysis of data and provides graphs and figures relevant to illustrate the data. Take your work to highlight the statistically significant results.

Interpret the results. The discussion section of a clinical document assesses the results of the study and describes why the studio produced such results. Analyze the strengths and limitations of the study and describes the unforeseen events that may have affected the collection or data quality. Concludes the discussion with a raise of questions for future research based on the results of this study.