Home Screen of Samsung Galaxy

The Home screen is the starting point for using the applications on your phone. There are seven available panels, each populated with default shortcuts or applications. You can customize each of these panels. As you transition from panel to panel, the panel counter (located at the top of the screen) displays the current panel number […]

Phone Display of Samsung Galaxy

Your phone’s display provides information about the phone’s status, and is the interface to the features of your phone. The display indicates your connection status, signal strength, battery status and time. Icons display at the top of the phone when an incoming call or message is received and also alerts you at a specified time […]

Correlates of Samsung Galaxy

1. USB Power/Accessory connector allows you to connect a power cable or optional accessories such as a USB/data cable. 2. Strap holder is used to connect a carrying strap to the phone. 3. Volume key allows you to adjust the ringer volume in standby mode (with the phone open) or adjust the voice volume during […]

Intellectual Property of Samsung Galaxy

All Intellectual Property, as defined below, owned by or which is otherwise the property of Samsung or its respective suppliers relating to the SAMSUNG Phone, including but not limited to, accessories, parts, or software relating there to (the “Phone System”), is proprietary to Samsung and protected under federal laws, state laws, and international treaty provisions. […]

Workflow: The Paperless Office and Document Management

The threshold rule at The Masters Law Firm, L.L.C.: when a piece of paper comes through the door it goes through the scanner. A simple rule with few exceptions. Electronic filing systems begin with the commitment to capture digital images of all incoming paper, from there it becomes a matter of storing the images in […]

Mobility: Smartphones, Blackberries and Cell Phones

Handheld devices run the gamut from web-enabled cell phones, Blackberries to iPhones and Windows tablets to hand held scanners. Depending on how big your pocket is, and how much you want to carry, there is a device for you. Handheld devices are useful when you can’t pull out your laptop or take it with you. […]

Generally speaking these programs allow law offices to collect and

Generally speaking these programs allow law offices to collect and organize information around a single matter or contact. Case management programs (like Time Matters  , ProLaw, and Amicus Attorney  , are more than fancy calendars, with emails and addresses. They have evolved into “practice management systems” that contain in one database almost all the information […]

Systems: Practice Management Software

These products have now matured and gone on to incorporate some of the “higher order” functions that are described in the second part of this article. The leading products here are Amicus Attorney and Time Matters. LawStream and ProLaw are two products that have incorporated some and in some circumstances, most of the functionality offered […]

Finances: Integrated Trust Accounting, Time & Billing and General Ledger Software

Every firm must have a financial recording and reporting system – yet all financial systems are not created equal. Furthermore, while accountants need access to accounting tools that produce balance sheets and yearly income and expense statements, lawyers need access to financial tools that produce meaningful monthly or more frequent reports for managing their law […]