Strategic Planning

IT leaders appear to have a fickle relationship with the issue of Strategic Planning. Over the past five years, Strategic Planning moved steadily down the list of top-ten issues of strategic importance and dropped off the list entirely by 2008, only to reappear last year as issue #9. Although its listing this year as #10 […]

Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity

Ongoing domestic and international disasters have generated a series of lessons for first-response and emergency preparedness. Thus it isn’t surprising that Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity (DR/BC) has remained in the top-10 list of strategic concerns since 2006. The results of this year’s survey reveal differences by size and type of institution. DR/BC was ranked […]

Infrastructure/ Cyberinfrastructure

As services spread out to the cloud, and as institutions rely more on their internal networks for access to on-site and off-site services, campus IT connectivity and integration—that is, the infrastructure/ cyberinfrastructure—continues to be of strategic importance. The connection to the Internet is used not just for access to external services unaffiliated with the institution […]

Governance, Portfolio/ Project Management

This year, the Current Issues Committee collapsed the issues of Governance and Portfolio/Project Management into one. In its new form, this continues to be a top-ten issue, ranking #7 in strategic importance and #4 in terms of consuming the CIO’s time. Indeed, according to the “Key Findings” for a 2008 EDUCAUSE Center for Applied Research […]

Agility/Adaptability/ Responsiveness

This year, Agility/Adaptability/Responsiveness is rated as even more essential to campus IT operations, moving up from the #7 slot last year. Institutions of higher education, along with their IT organizations, need to be able to react quickly with effective solutions for changing conditions in today’s environment of reduced funding and growing demand by students, administrators, […]

Mobile Technologies

Perhaps no other concept in the higher education IT space has evolved more rapidly than mobility. In previous EDUCAUSE Current Issues surveys and reports, Mobile Technologies was subsumed in other issues, such as Agility/Adaptability/Responsiveness or Infrastructure. But considering the swift pace of change related to mobility, the Current Issues Committee felt strongly that Mobile Technologies […]


Security continues its long run near the top of the Current Issues Survey, coming in at #4 on the “strategic importance” list. For the past six years, Security has appeared at #1 or #2 on the “potential to become more significant in the coming year” list. This perennial “big and getting bigger” status implies that […]

Teaching and Learning with Technology

Not surprisingly, the strategic importance of Teaching and Learning with Technology has been steadily increasing in the Current Issues Surveys over the past several years. What is more revealing is that in 2011, Teaching and Learning with Technology rose to the top-three issues and was ranked higher than Security for the first time. This rise […]

Administrative/ERP/ Information Systems

In the 2011 survey, Administrative/ERP/ Information Systems continued to receive high rankings in the areas of strategic importance, consumption of the CIO’s time, and expenditure of financial and human resources, yet it ranked lower in potential to become more significant. Additionally, the survey indicated that this topic is of decreasing strategic importance as the size […]

CIOs must seek budget predictability in an IT world that is very unpredictable.

That expertise will gain trust from and build partnerships with other senior executive leaders. CIOs need to continue to embrace the excitement and magic that comes with information technology, but finding the right justification for funding will be a challenge in the visible horizon. Critical questions for Funding IT include the following: n Is the […]