Cloud Computing Trends

We have found it useful to separate Cloud trends into those that are helping to drive adoption of Cloud Computing by enterprises and those that are inhibiting the adoption of Cloud. These drivers and inhibitors in turn affect enterprise behavior and vendor responses to both the trends and the enterprise behavior. BTC Logic does not believe that Cloud Computing has ... Read More »

We take the viewpoint of an enterprise leader, decision maker, or key influencer who is plotting a course to get their enterprise more involved in the Cloud:

• Enterprises have significant concerns about availability, security and scalability that can differ from consumer or SMB needs • Decision makers need to link emerging Cloud technologies to their companies’ strategies and performance We are vendor neutral: • Most of today’s information and insight regarding the Cloud still comes from vendors who have inherent biases to their own solutions • ... Read More »

Purpose of the Report

The purpose of this report is to provide a structured and holistic view of Cloud Computing, current Cloud trends, and of the vendors to help enterprise decision makers successfully embrace the opportunities that arise with the Cloud. The report provides a framework for senior enterprise executives to break down the Cloud into meaningful segments, and start to prioritize how they ... Read More »


To recognize these trends, BTC Logic has expanded its Cloud  classification to include two new segments (Cloud Security and Cloud Management), giving seven major segments: 1. Cloud Foundation 2. Cloud Infrastructure 3. Cloud Network Services 4. Cloud Platform 5. Cloud Applications (further divided into two sub-segments) 6. Cloud Security (new) 7. Cloud Management (new) Another major trend in Q2 has ... Read More »

BTC Logic is a multi-disciplinary team of experienced consultants

BTC Logic is a multi-disciplinary team of experienced consultants, working with  technology companies looking to grow more rapidly, and with companies looking to build competitive advantage from technology disruptions. Two of the major technology disruptions now impacting enterprises are the adoption of Cloud Computing, and the expansion of services for the mobile enterprise. Cloud Computing offers a unique opportunity for ... Read More »

Along with Topten Europe, Topten China [15] [7] selects and

Along with Topten Europe, Topten China [15] [7] selects and presents the most energy efficient air conditioners from 1200 models sold on the Chinese market. The efficiency levels of the BAT identified by Topten China are listed in tables 4 and 5. Because of the increasing stock and prolonged using times, air conditioners have become one of the biggest electricity ... Read More »

Although China is a huge country combining different climates and

Although China is a huge country combining different climates and building types, 87% of all air conditioner models on the market include a heating function (more than 62% with a heat pump, 25% function with electrical resistance heating) [11]. Cooling only air conditioners only account for a small portion of market share in tropical areas. Variable speed air conditioners have ... Read More »