Creating a Calendar Event in Samsung Galaxy Mobile

1. From the Home screen, touch ➔ Calendar application. 2. From the Month tab, press ➔ Create. Calendar Settings Using the Calendar settings you can select the day with which you want the calendar to begin. You also select how you want to view the calendar, by Month, Week, or Day or determine how to […]

Time Management in Samsung Galaxy Mobile

This section describes how you can manage time using timerelated applications such as the Calendar, Alarm Clock, Analog or Digital clock, and the World clock. Calendar With the Calendar feature, you can consult the calendar by day, week, or month, create events, and set an alarm to act as a reminder. 1. From the Home […]

Manually Add a New Network Connection in Samsung Galaxy Mobile

1. Touch Add Wi-Fi network. 2. Enter the Network SSID (the name of your Wireless Access Point). 3. Tap the Security field and select a security option. This must match the current security setting on your target WAP. 4. Enter your WAP’s password if the WAP is secure. 5. Touch Save to store the new […]

Enable Downloading for Web Applications in Samsung Galaxy Mobile

1. From the Home screen, touch ➔ Settings ➔ Applications. 2. Touch the Unknown sources check box. 3. Touch On under Unknown sources to allow install of non- Market applications. Touch Off to disable installation of non-market applications. PC Connections You can connect your device to a PC using an optional PC data cable using […]

Pairing Bluetooth Devices

The Bluetooth pairing process allows you to establish trusted connections between your device and another Bluetooth device. When you pair devices, they share a passkey, allowing for fast, secure connections while bypassing the discovery and authentication process. To pair your device with another Bluetooth device: 1. Verify Bluetooth is active. 2. From the Bluetooth settings […]

Bluetooth in Samsung Galaxy Mobile

About Bluetooth Bluetooth is a short-range communications technology that allows you to connect wirelessly to a number of Bluetooth devices, such as headsets and hands-free car kits, and Bluetooth-enabled handhelds, computers, printers, and wireless devices. The Bluetooth communication range is usually up to approximately 30 feet. Turning Bluetooth On and Off To turn Bluetooth on: […]

Using Most Visited

The Most visited list provides you with a list of the most visited and bookmarked websites. These entries are used to return to previously unmarked web pages. 1. From the Home webpage, tap ➔ . A list of your most frequently visited webpages displays. The most frequently visited web pages display at the top of […]

Adding and Deleting Windows

You can have up to eight Internet windows open at one time. To add a new window, follow these steps: 1. From your browser, press ➔ New Window. 2. A new browser window displays. 3. Press ➔ Windows to see a list of all open windows. 4. Tap a listing to open up the Internet […]

Navigating with the Browser

1. To select an item, touch an entry. 2. To scroll through a website, sweep the screen with your finger in an up or down motion. 3. To return to the previous page, touch . Browser Options 1. From the home page, press to access the following options: • New window: displays a new window […]

Connections in Samsung Galaxy Mobile

Your phone is equipped with features that allow you to quickly connect to the web. Web Your phone is equipped with a Google browser to navigate the mobile web. This section explains how to navigate the browser and use the basic features. Accessing the Internet To access the Browser:  From the Home screen, touch […]