The transport of Madrid on your Android

The transport of Madrid on your Android Written by droidemarketiza the April 3, 2010 at 1:53 p.m. Comments (3) Three Android imperative if we move with our mobile Android Madrid: Madrid RailMaps to have the subway map at hand, namely the Madrid Bus passes timeout Cercanias bus or train for commuter timetables Renfe. subway map […]

Upcoming launch of Vodafone: HTC Legend and Xperia X10

If we put the long teeth the other day to see Android phones that Vodafone would get in the UK, we finally releases page to Spanish franchise in our country. Officially have been published over the next two releases of the HTC Legend and Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 in Spain with Vodafone in April. In […]

Vodafone UK is firmly committed to Android. The proof is that will launch in early April the four best Android phones of the moment. The Nexus One, HTC Desire, HTC Legend and Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. You can see / drool on his official website marked as “coming soon” as a good television series …. […]

Opera mini beta 5 finally on Android

n Android browser required a height of Opera. I have to admit that was my favorite browser Opera on my Nokia and Sony Ericsson when neither Android nor iPhone were part of my life to connect to the internet. So I was filled with emotion that Opera finally out with an Android version to match. […]

Vodafone HTC Magic distributed botnet infected by a virus

Besides this botnet have found two robacontrase├▒as: Confiker and Lineage. It’s a very serious failure by an operator of this type deliver viruses. And they must take strong measures to control quality Vodafone and HTC that have been responsible for this negligence or intentionally by someone with no good intentions. We recommend that you check […]

Application: Cercanias Renfe Timetables on your Android

Reaper Jon sent us this application has developed the same used to query schedules Renfe commuter trains from our Android. We will be much more useful than just usable Renfe web available is a real ordeal consult any way. This application consists of two simplified screens where we can choose our town center, station […]

Available new Android NDK with Open GL ES 2.0 support: better graphics in games

Google has just released version 3 of its Android NDK (native development kit) that allows to develop applications with the ability to access the mobile hardware directly. In this way developers can build applications using native code. The Android NDK to develop applications faster using native libraries instead of using the Dalvik virtual machine. This […]

How to make money with Android platform

Mark Murphy makes an interesting reflection of how to make money with Android. More or less is a business plan that we can make to take advantage of this platform. – The most obvious: build an app and sell it via the Android Market. – Make a free application, but it insert adsense style ads […]

HTC Legend with Vodafone 360

Vodafone begins to unveil its plans to launch in Spain and Europe. It is expected that from April 1 this available on HTC Legend (Android 2.1 and body of a single piece of aluminum). Fares will not be known until the last moment, but it seems that will be in line with the sense of […]

Nexus One gift for developers who rose to Android Market applications

Go news! Google wants us to develop applications for Android. It is obvious watching mobile gave all attendees of Android Developer Labs recently held in Spain. Now Google begins to reward those developers who have already risen to the Market application. Those with more than 5,000 downloads and an average of 3-5 stars for its […]